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Who can help me make use of an gift certificate?

A while ago, I received a US$ 10 gift certificate for participating in a survey. Unfortunately, it's only redeemable at, not at any other Amazon website such as $10 just about covers shipping from the States to Germany, so it's only moderately useful for me in its present form.

Would someone be willing to make the certificate more useful for me by purchasing a gift certificate from for me worth about $10? I'd send you email certificate I received, so your bottom line would be roughly zero (you spend $10 on the gift certificate for me and save $10 the next time you buy from while my certificate would be more useful to me (since shipping inside Germany is obviously much less than US->Germany). Apparently, $10 is about €8 right now, so a €7.50 or €8 gift certificate would be appreciated.

You'd have to have a credit card; an Amazon customer account would obviously be useful if you intend to redeem the certificate later, and will make purchasing one easier as well (otherwise you'll be asked to create one). AFAIK Amazon accounts are valid on all Amazon websites so if you're "" with password "s33kr1t" on, that login will get you into as well. Reading German is a plus but I'll walk you through the pages if you can't (by AIM, for example).

Any takers?

Oh, the gift certificate expires in May 2006 IIRC.

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