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State of the Amy

This morning, Stella and I took Amy in to the pædiatrician for the U3 (third routine check-up), where she was weighed and measured and then examined to see whether she is developing normally.

She weighed 3960 g (8 lb 12 oz) and measured 54 cm (21¼ in): a bit on the small and light side but still well within the normal range.

The doctor then picked her up and held her in various positions from various limbs to see what she would do; Amy wasn't particularly happy at that ;) but she calmed down again afterwards.

Apparently, she has a slight asymmetry: the doctor saw that she lay "like a question mark" and asked whether she favoured any particular side to turn her head to, and Stella said her right side, which matches what the doctor thought. So she suggested that we simply try to get her to use her other side as well (e.g. by approaching her from that side or by putting her into her bed in such a way that the light is on that side); since she can turn her head to the other side fine, it's not very strong and getting her used to using both sides should clear things up without the need for special gymnastics.

The doctor asked us to get an appointment for inoculation, which they do at about ten weeks: three injections spaced at least four weeks apart, each containing inoculation against six diseases at once (thus reducing the amount of filler and preservatives etc. in the injections compared to six individual ones, which is a good thing for the body). Then another booster injection when she's a year old, at which point she'll also get the first of two injections for mumps, measles, and rubella (MMR).

So she's doing well, which is good to hear. The doctor noted down the asymmetry in the examination report in the little booklet Amy has for those check-ups but said it's just something to keep an eye on but not serious enough to worry about.

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