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Clicking on links

For various reasons, I decided to look for upgrades on my work computer this morning. This involved downloading roughly 60 megabytes of stuff including .NET runtime v1.1 and MSIE 6, as well as a bunch of assorted critical updates. (Oddly enough, after visiting the after installing the .NET runtime, it prompted me to download SP1 for the runtime, which was nearly the same size—why not offer the patched version for download so you don't have to download essentially everything twice?)

Unfortunately, something appears to have changed the behaviour of clicking on links in plain-text emails in Outlook: they used to open a new window in Opera, my default browser. Now they replace the current window in Opera.

Since I have several desktops and my browser is usually in a different desktop from Outlook, I'd also get visual feedback that the click was registered: the email message would lose focus and the title bar would change from blue to grey. Now, however, the email no longer loses focus; I presume this is connected with the replacing behaviour.

Annoying. I'd like the previous behaviour back, please.

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