Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Couples at the Institute Centre

The Institute of Religious Education in Hamburg is starting a new course for married couples, to meet once a month on the last Tuesday of the month; yesterday was the first meeting.

We were not the only ones there with a little child, though Amy was the youngest: Nadine and Mirco Langbehn were there with Mia (six months?), Miriam and Daniel Liebich with their daughter (eighteen months), as well as Guido and Daniela Stank, Benjamin and Nadine van Impelen, and Joseph and Lauren, as well as the Backs, who were the teachers.

Joseph is French and his wife Lauren is American (from Hawaii); he's studying in Germany at the moment and his German is pretty good (not as much of a French accent as most other French speakers of German I know, and pretty fluent—he learned it on his mission in Leipzig, he said), while his wife speaks next to no German. Yesterday was her first day in a German lesson so her German was of the level "Wie heißen Sie? Ich heiße ..., ich komme aus ...". So he translated the salient bits of the lesson into French for her.

It was fun to be able to speak a little bit of French with them after the lesson.

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