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Another identity assertion

Today, I performed another identity assertion under the Thawte Web of Trust system.

It took a little while to manage to arrange a date. The first time he suggested a date for the next day but I couldn't make that because I couldn't print out a form in time since my printer at home isn't working. (And I had forgotten that I had a blank form on file.)

But we finally met up today in Harburg S-Bahn station. He's webmaster for the Deutsche Bank. We chatted a little about security, PGP, how little encryption is used in Germany, and so on. He asked whether many people avail themselves of my services and I said no -- after all, he's only the fourth since September 2001. Apparently, notaries aren't very active any more, either; most of those who didn't charge a fee didn't respond to his e-mails, he said. (And I noticed that most of those who had asserted my identity are no longer on Thawte's list of notaries in Hamburg.)

That was my fourth assertion. I think that once I have five under my belt, I can start giving 15 points instead of only 10 (the maximum anyone can give is 35 points).
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