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My UK passport will be expiring early next year, and so I started thinking about what I'll need to do to renew it.

My number one concern was whom to get to countersign it; you're supposed to get a Member of Parliament, Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion, Bank Officer, Established Civil Servant, or professionally qualified person, e.g. Lawyer, Engineer, Doctor, School Teacher, Police Officer or a person of similar standing who has known me personally for at least two years and is, preferably, a British citizen, other British national or Commonwealth citizen (a citizen of the country in which I am residing will do in a pinch if I know no British/Commonwealth person, provided he/she has a similar standing in that country… and the Consul considers his/her signature to be acceptable).

For my previous two passports, I used my school's headmaster, who was Australian, but I'm not at school any more and neither is he. And I thought that I don't really know that many people personally, at least not, people who are Respected Local Dignitaries. I wondered whether my bishop or stake president would work or whether "Minister of Religion" meant one or more of (a) full-time job and (b) big or state religion, neither of which applies. But Stella said I could try asking Bettina, who's a civil servant (Beamte) and also has some kind of veterinary degree IIRC, so that might work out.

The other main concern I have is the paperwork I need to submit along with the application: the notes page said that if I was born outside the UK before 1 January 1983 that I'd need

  1. Your consular birth certificate: and/or
  2. Your full local, High Commission or British Forces birth certificate showing parents' names: plus
  3. Evidence of your father's# citizenship of the United Kingdom and Colonies if this is not shown on the consular birth certificate: plus
  4. Your parents' full marriage certificate, evidence of termination of previous marriages, your father's# full birth certificate, naturalisation or registration document, or other evidence of your father's# national status.

Phew! On the other hand, the note says that Documents are not normally needed if you are surrendering a recently expired, unrestricted British passport showing your national status as British citizen […] and all other details are the same, which I hope applies to me. I may have to phone the general consulate in Düsseldorf to inquire.

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