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[meme] Fifteen friends

  1. Choose fifteen people from your friends list.
  2. For each one, post something that they will recognize as relating exclusively to them; a catchphrase, an in-joke, a shared memory, whatever.
  3. Let the guessing begin.

And here we go (ones in italics have been guessed successfully):

  1. Klausabella will rumfahrn werden!
  2. You can't do that on!
  3. bInajtaHvIS qeylIS Daghomjaj
  4. Philip the Harmless
  5. Diera
  6. I like having my feet massaged
  7. Middle-aged Japanese men
  8. Der Prinz ist verschwunden und Söldner müssen ihn suchen
  9. Losergazelle!
  11. Hmm... I don't remember the spelling, but it went something like "Ingva says 'Fungwa'!"
  12. "She's not perfect, but she's skilled"
  13. Don't call me Mrs. X, because I'm not married, nor Miss X, because it's not my maiden name.
  14. I sent you an invite code shortly before they were discontinued, making it a bit useless :p
  15. "as known for her spunk and energy as she is for her exquisite jewelry"
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