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Whee! I just won an HP Jornada 548. A bit old, but still.

There was a lottery here at work where they raffled off six PDAs of various types to interested employees (maybe "raffled" is the wrong word; no money was involved).

After the winners were assigned, the little tickets were re-counted and it was determined that two tickets were in the box that shouldn't have been and "two or three" weren't in the box that should have. So they figured out which tickets should be in the box and drew six new winners (two of whom were among the previous crowd, and they even won the same class machine they had previously). I was in the second draw.

So now I have a Windows CE handheld. Interesting. I had been planning on getting a PalmOS-based machine "sometime" (read: when I have money coming out of my ears), partly because of the longer battery life and partly because of the greater availability of software, but free is free.

Only thing is, there's no AC adapter in the box. There's a cable that plugs into the PDA and into an adapter but the adapter itself wasn't included. Such are the risks of getting something free sight unseen. I asked again but they said that everything they could find for a machine they had put in the box.

Maybe I'll try to get a new AC adapter off eBay; there's a promising-looking one there which expires on Sunday (they don't mention the 548 explicitly but the model number matches the one given in the "Accessories Guide").
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