Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

New Standards for Elections

The New York Times has an editorial entitled New Standards for Elections[*] in which several things are pointed out that, in the opinion of the author, are necessary for better elections in the future. One of them in particular reminded me of something I read:

12. Improved absentee ballot procedures. Voters outside of their states, including military voters, have a right to receive absentee ballots in a timely fashion, which did not always happen this year.

"Did not always happen". I suppose that's one way to describe the experience of at least one person on my friends list.

Incidentally, that editorial is part of a series which is online at

[*] Free registration may be required, though I think this series of articles is open to anyone even without prior registration. If you are asked to register, try slashdotusers/newsfornerds or slashdot123/slashdot123, or use BugMeNot to get a login and password.

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