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Choices, choices...

On the topic of abortions I recently read a comment by cairnsy in a journal entry by isabeau, with a line of thinking I hadn't seen before but which I found interesting.

I think it's commonly accepted that part of growing up and becoming an adult is learning to accept that choices come with consequences (e.g. "you broke it, you fix it or pay for it"), and this comment seemed, to me, to be based on this, though it wasn't explicitly stated:

I've never [bought] into the whole 'a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body' line of thinking, mainly because in most cases, she was doing exactly what she wanted with her body when she chose to have unprotected sex. The male partner is naturally just as responsible, but to me, arguing that a woman should have a control over her body and yet not have to deal with the consequences of how she uses that body, is just not my cup of tea.

(Ignoring for the time being that some conceptions occur despite precautions; I've heard them called "Tropi-Kinder" in German, a play on words with the Tropi- root meaning "tropical" and an abbreviation of trotz Pille "despite the pill".)

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