Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Dr. Dobb's Journal, and my watch

I got a letter from Dr. Dobb's Journal yesterday inviting me to try out a subscription -- one year for $45 or two for $69. But last year it was $70 for one year (international)? How do they figure that out? However, I don't think I'll take up the offer in view of what I wrote about DDJ recently.

In other news, my watch decided this morning that it was "Monday 24 January". That is rather strange since it's a radio-controlled watch and should theoretically always show the correct time and, as I understand it, date.

When I tried to reset it (by pressing both buttons simultaneously -- not an easy feat since they're recessed and I need pen-tips or something similar), it started showing all LCD segments simultaneously. And stayed that way, rather than going to 0:00 and counting seconds from there until it had received enough radio signals to know the correct time.

Maybe the battery is flat? Or is the thing broken?
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