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HVV expansion into Lower Saxony

Two years ago, the Hamburg public transport system HVV expanded into four districts (Kreise) of the state (Bundesland) Schleswig-Holstein to the north. This year, they want to expand into three districts of the state Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) to the south: Stade, Harburg, and Lüneburg.

Also, season tickets, which used to let you travel in rings A B C on weekends and public holidays, now allow you to travel in all five rings A B C D E; however, you are only allowed to take one adult and up to three children under 14 with you where you were previously allowed up to four people of any age. However, since I usually only travelled with Stella if I took anyone along at all, that doesn't change much for me, so the only material change for me in this respect is the benefit of the extended range (A B C D E vs. A B C).

Which means that we may finally get to see Lüneburg, a town I'd been meaning to visit with Stella for quite some time, ever since we went there on a team-building/incentive exercise with the company; it's got a lovely picturesque Old Town, for starters. And now we can go there for free, at least on weekends!

And visiting Anika and Harald, or Meike, will also become free. Spiffy.

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