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The Sims 2 is teh b0rked

Meh. My lot is acting up.

The car for Maxim and Brandi showed up, but it was right at the edge of the lot rather than next to the mailbox, and they couldn't get in—the "Go to Work" action was immediately de-queued. So they both got reprimanded for not going to work.

The next morning, Maxim's schoolbus arrived, and it was in the normal position (which put it right in front of the car), but again, he couldn't go to school. And after a bit of trying out "Go to Work" and "Go to School" for fun, the car disappeared and the bus moved backwards to occupy the spot where the car had been before. Um.

The hot tub also acted weird: the candles lit up even though they had burned down days ago, and when Brandi tried to join Denise, she immediately hopped out. (This had also happened to me before with a guest, but I hadn't attached any importance to it; I figured the guest simply had more pressing Needs or something.)

I remembered something I had read, about how problems with actions spontaneously cancelling themselves could occur when a Sim had 255 memories (since the number of memories is stored in a single byte), but none of my Sims had that many memories, not even Denise, the oldest… althought wait, she had six pages of memories à 24 (6×4) memories per page = 5×24 = 120 full memories plus a not-full 6th page, perhaps she had 127 or 128? Hmm.

At any rate, I tried to get Maxim and Brandi to "Find a new home" on the computer; I had never tried this option before and didn't know what to expect. As it turned out, a taxi showed up outside the house, but I couldn't click on it ("No actions possible" came up)—and Brandi and Maxim were frozen! Maxim was standing next to the TV where he had been working out and Brandi was sitting in front of the computer, and neither of them could move. Their Needs went down and down but they couldn't do anything about it. Nor could I even go to the neighbourhood as all three of the "Go to Neighbourhood", "Quit Game", and "Save" buttons were grey and disabled! ("Q" didn't work, either.)

So I finally booted the game out of memory through the Task Manager. Meh.

Maybe I'll try to make a new house with one inhabitant, then make that inhabitant get to know Maxim and Brandi and invite them to move in. If it's Denise that's causing the problems, or the lot, and not one of those two. Meh.

Anyone had similar experiences?

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