Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

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Copy and... oops

I have two computers on my desk at work right now: a new, fast one with more memory (which I sorely needed for a program I'm using these days) and my older one. The old one is running pretty much only my email client.

Twice today I've caught myself trying to use copy-and-paste to transfer data from one computer to the other: once to paste a URL from an email message into a browser, and once the other way around (URL from browser location bar into an email message).

I partly blame the fact that I have multiple desktops on the old machine and the email client and browser "live" on different desktops, so copy-switch desktop-paste is not an uncommon thing there. Only in this case, "switch desktop" was not "Alt+2" but "roll chair over 50 cm to the left", and Ctrl+V pasted some random stuff...

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