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On Sunday… hmm, I'm not entirely sure what we did on Sunday. We had to give back our room keys by nine, so there was a bit of baggage standing around in the conference room from those who didn't have a car to put it in.

We did learn go over some more Klingon, though. Ah—one thing I remember was Klingon toasts, including the changed grammar used in them. We also briefly touched on how Klingons express arithmetic (three times seven equals twenty-one; that sort of thing: wejlogh boq'egh Soch, chen cha'maH wa', or literally, "seven allies with itself three times; twenty-one forms"). There was also some cake which Snake and Susie (I think) had brought.

Oh, that reminds me: there was a young girl, Steffi, just 12, who had already been "corrupted" by her mother :) who was also learning a bit of Klingon and who wanted to join Khemorex Klinzhai as soon as she is 14. She also had a KK T-shirt and (so I heard) a Klingon costume or at least a mask, though she didn't have it with her.

Most people left between two and three, and only a very small handful stayed behind, including myself, since my taxi didn't come until quarter to four. Lieven remarked that one might expect that Klingons leave behind a royal (imperial?) mess, but in fact, the room nearly looked as if no-one had been in it, he said—everyone had thrown away or taken with them their own bottles, there were no crumbs on the floor, no broken furniture, or other damage or mess. He also said that he was satisfied with the success: some people who had known no Klingon on arriving could successfully form object-verb-subject sentences at the end of the short weekend (when we had to present our words, for example).

I had left 45 minutes to get to the airport, since the lady in the phone centre had estimated that it might take "20 to 30 minutes, maybe more, what with the works on the motorway", but it ended up being only 15. Eh, so I had half an hour more to wait until the check-in counter opened; it didn't kill me. The flight left on time, this time, and we had an uneventful flight. (Apparently, the plane had come from Mannheim, which seemed a bit strange to me, since Mannheim–Saarbrücken–Hamburg is not a particularly direct route.)

The plane was a bit smaller, this time: a Dornier 38(?), with only three seats in each row; since I was on the left, I had, simultaneously, an aisle seat and a window seat :) This meant that I really could not have stowed my suitcase under the seat, so it was good that I had checked it at the side of the plane. And since I got it back very shortly after touchdown (and we weren't let out until the luggage had been brought out anyway), there were no hassles in waiting for the luggage, really.

On the bus from the airport to Ohlsdorf train station, I saw a car with a young girl (perhaps 12 or so?) on the back seat while we were stopped at a traffic light. She looked a bit bored by the trip. When the light changed, she waved to me, which caught me by surprise, so I hesitated a split second before waving back—something I had considered doing before, perhaps to cheer her up, but couldn't bring myself to.

The car she was in took another fork after that traffic light to get onto the motorway that ran parallel to the road the bus was on, so she went out of view for a bit, but then reappeared just before the motorway went down into a tunnel, and I waved to her again in case she hadn't seen me the first time, and I think she waved back. I like to think that perhaps I made that girl's day a bit happier :)

I got home and found Stella and Amy fine; Stella said that she had come back on Saturday already because Amy had started having difficulty breathing, probably either from the bird my parents-in-law have or from the dust there. And since not being able to breathe through the nose made her Not a Happy Baby when her mouth was full of breast while feeding, this wasn't a terribly good state of affairs. Stella said that her breathing eased up very quickly after she had left the house for the train station. Fortunately, she also had no problems using the train ticket home, even though it was dated for Sunday.

Oh, and on Monday, I met Nina in the bus again and told her I had been to a meeting to speak Klingon, and she asked what that was good for :) Languages are fun!


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