Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

No smoking for *you*!

I asked K and S at work today what the plans are for smokers in the new office building we plan to move into in March, and they said that the current plan is not to have any smoking areas on the floor we'd be moving into: people who would like to smoke would have to go ten floors down and outside, presumably.

One reason, they said, why they were considering this was that at least two people had said that they would like to quit smoking but it's too convenient when smokers tend to hang out on the office floor. Another was that it's easier to set up a smoking area if the burden seems too harsh after a while than to disallow smoking after it's been permitted for a while.

No smoking on the entire floor is just fine with me (though I hope I won't have to "run the gauntlet" through a huge cloud of smoke when entering and leaving the main building from smokers clustered just outside the door).

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