Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

German usage: the increasing usage of spaces in compound words

Prescriptivists/conservative spellers who are interested in the German language (and can read German!) may find this article interesting: Zwiebel Fisch: Dem Wahn Sinn eine Lücke.

It talks about the increasing usage of spaces in German compound words (e.g. "Steh Café" instead of "Stehcafé"), presumably under the influence of English spelling. In the opinion of the author (which I tend to share), such creations look ugly and can occasionally even be confusing: two examples he gives are a magazine headline "Der Windmühlen Wahn" which means "the madness of the windmills", rather than "Windmill madness" as "Der Windmühlen-Wahn" (or, probably better, "Der Windmühlenwahn") would, and the advertising statement "24 Monate ohne Grund Gebühr", which means "24 months of charges without a reason" rather than "24 months without base charges" (ohne Grundgebühr).

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