Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Stella and I spent Christmas Eve wrapping and labelling presents. We had intended to have a little devotional part including singing a carol/hymn or two and reading from (the Luther translation of) Luke 2, but that didn't happen, partly because Amy started fussing.

Christmas Day we spent in Tornesch with my family. Elaine's fiancé Benjamin was also there. Jennifer kindly picked us up in the car.

We opened presents and had a nice time until dinner around noon; in the afternoon, there was more chatting and a fair bit of playing Hangman and guess-what-I've-drawn using the two Magna-Doodles that Stella and Emily got for Christmas. (And no, Stella doesn't feel too old to be given one of those :D). Then cake and a bit more chatting, until we decided to watch a DVD: Father of the Bride. After that, Elaine drove us home.

My loot: two books on C#, some chocolate (well, that was officially for Martin, him of the userpicture), a pair of socks, and the sweets on my "Christmas plate" (which was actually a bag). Not a lot, but I hadn't been expecting much since I had got a couple of expensive presents for my birthday last month which were combined birthday/Christmas presents. And I'll probably get a prepaid card for my mobile phone from Stella as a belated Christmas present.

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