Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


New passport arrived today. Wow, that was quick!

They said to allow for three to four weeks, but I'm fairly sure I sent the application off this year… so it only took them about one week!

The machine-readable page is no longer part of the back cover, but is a page immediately before that, which kind of sucks; it's rather warped due to the plastic lamination, which probably wouldn't have happened on the (stiffer) back page. But eh: can't be helped.

The new one has my signature digitally scanned onto that last page; by the looks of it, the picture is also a scan rather than the physical photograph I sent in.

I'm also glad that they were satisfied with the documentation I submitted and didn't balk at the dates, for example, or require me to submit more documents.

Meh—now I have to remember a new passport number, though. I knew the old one by heart (seven-oh-one-one-seven-five-two-nine-five), mostly from having to write it on every MSF cheque I cashed during my mission in Greece. They returned my old passport with the top corner cropped.

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