Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Went to the doctor's this morning (ENT/耳鼻咽喉専門医) to have a look at the fact that I'm sometimes short of breath. She had the assistant do an allergy test with me... and I reacted to nearly everything :P. So I can count on having problems from pollen all through summer and then from mite droppings in autumn...

But what brought out the most reaction was grains; the others were less severe. So maybe I'm still "safe". And at least the symptoms are treatable, and the doctor said that there are sprays for the nose that don't start being less effective (because your body gets used to them) or start destroying your nose after a week -- though they cost about four times as much. And I'll probably need a special cover for my mattress; have to see whether my health insurance will cover it. Ideally, they would pay for a cover for Stella's mattress as well; not much use covering just the one!
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