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Block House, part II

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how our visit to Block House was spoiled by people's smoking. I subquently wrote them a letter telling them so.

Today Stella told me that Block House had rung up and talked to her. They apologised for the inconvenience and the person who talked to Stella said he could sympathise but that there wasn't much he could do.

Originally, they didn't have a non-smoking section and they hoped that smokers and non-smokers would simply tolerate one another. When this turned out not to be the case, they designated part of the restaurant as non-smoking; however, because of the long and thin shape of the restaurant, that part isn't too far from the other, smoking parts.

My suggestion to designate, say, the front of the restaurant by the window (which is separated from the rest by the bar and the salad bar) was rejected because "smokers like to sit by the window, too". True, I suppose, just like non-smokers like to eat out without having the smell in their noses, not to mention in their clothes afterwards.

He suggested that next time we go there, we take a seat in the centre of the non-smoking area, not at the boundary where we were last time, and that he was looking forward to our next visit.

I don't know, I kind of expected something more -- maybe a little voucher to apologise for the inconvenience, or something. As it was, it came over a bit like "Ha, ha -- sucks to be you. Why don't you just live with the smoke like all the other spineless customers."

(Stella suggested getting a seat next to the stairs, which is a smoking table but immediately adjacent to the non-smoking section so if we sit there we should be fine. And the other three sides are salad bar, stairs, and wall, so if that table is free it should be a decent spot.)

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