Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Just Enough to Know Better

Just ordered Just Enough to Know Better, a book that teaches sighted people to read Braille (it was recommended as a resource on this personal website).

Tried ordering through the website first, but the credit card validation routine they used didn't like my address. (I've heard that address verification does not, in general, work very well for non-US addresses, except maybe Canadian ones.)

When I selected Germany as the shipping address, the order form suggested that I call in the order if it's to outside the US and Canada, so I tried that this evening (when it would be daytime in the US). The first time around, I forgot the country code after the carrier preselection code, so that went wrong; the second time, after dialling the extension number I wanted, I got a man saying "Hello?" and hanging up.

Third time lucky; I got Alyson (?) and she took the order for me. She was pretty nice about it, and didn't seem to mind that my address is not in standard American format. So let's hope I'll get the book sometime soon :) She said that they'd bring it to the post office this week, and that I could expect it to take about three weeks by standard post.

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