Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


It started snowing again yesterday, causing chaos on the roads.

The bus came pretty much in time but took forever to got anywhere because cars were moving very slowly, especially as we got closer to the centre of Harburg.

Usually, going home looks something like this:
Harburger Ring20:08 
Harburger Ring20:11143
Am Frankenberg20:22 

But yesterday, it looked more like this:
Bf. Harburg20:38 
Bf. Harburg20:48148
Am Frankenberg21:20 

Good thing I took the bus one stop further to Harburg -- I usually change earlier since there are not as many people waiting at the bus stop Harburger Ring and I'm more likely to find a seat than when I get in at the train station. But the connecting bus I caught was one that starts in Harburg, which is probably why it left on time. There's no telling when the next bus in my direction would have come since the other lines come from elsewhere and were probably stuck in the traffic. So it took me an hour longer to get home!

And Stella was waiting at the window for me the whole time, since twenty past eight -- she thought I was going to be late since she saw that there was no bus at 20:20 but only twenty minutes later. But she still got worried when it started taking me that long. Well, I was glad I was home!
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