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Swimming with Amy

This morning, Stella and I went swimming with Amy for the first time; the local swimming pool has a special time for swimming with babies, where there's someone present to conduct activities and the like. In our case, it was a young woman named Ina. She said she had studied sports at university and had had quite a bit of experience conducting baby swimming activities while she was there.

Besides Stella, Amy, and myself, there were two other women with their daughters (Emma and Annika). Since we were new, Ina explained the structure of each "meeting" and she also showed us some ways to hold Amy.

Amy seemed to enjoy everything we did there: moving her around in the water, playing with a little ball, going through a "tunnel" formed by hanging a mat over the water from a rope so that the area underneath looked a bit like a bell curve, pouring water from a little watering can on her arms and neck, and so on. She didn't even seem to mind getting water in her face or, what happened accidentally once or twice, getting her mouth or face into the water itself. We knew she liked water from when she takes a bath, but I was still pleasantly surprised at how well she took everything.

After about half an hour, though, it seemed that her patience was wearing thin (the activities usually take 45 minutes), so we left. Perhaps she was also simply hungry. But we had a good time there.

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