Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

[meme] Ten Things I've Done That Others Probably Haven't

I found it hard to come up with anything. Still, here's my attempt.

  1. Had 8th grade maths lessons while in 6th grade, and 4th grade English lessons while in 3rd grade. Worked with an RFC-1086-style X.25-TCP bridge (well, a simulator, since requirements changed before the program went into testing), and gave a talk about this at YAPC::Europe.
  2. Shaken the hand of a prophet, and held open the door for a pope.
  3. Ordered the bouquet for our wedding two hours before the wedding… and bought the rings after the wedding.
  4. Received a "Dear John" letter during a two-week mini-mission.
  5. Passed level two of the Klingon Language Certification Program on the same day as, and with a better score than on, level one, and found an error in that test. (My Klingon has rusted quite a bit since then, though.)
  6. Translated into someone else's conlang during a Conlang Translation Relay.
  7. Got a 20-minute crash course in differentiating polynomials in preparation for taking part at an international mathematics competition where most of the participants were one year ahead of me.
  8. Was woken up in the middle of the night to fill out border papers, since I had forgotten to bring my passport along with me (on a train where passports were collected when you boarded so that the attendant could do the formalities for you when the train crossed the border without the travellers' having to wake up for it).
  9. Sung a hymn in Estonian (or gave it my best attempt, at any rate).
  10. Been told that I had an English accent when speaking German but a German accent when speaking English. Been to Liechtenstein, and have a stamp in my (now expired) passport to prove it.
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