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Who needs all those expensive drugs when you've got advice!

Based on this thread in mock_the_stupid started by ceruleanst (metaquotes'ed here).

Claimed problemAdvice
clinical depressionJust cheer up!
food allergiesCome on, just try some!
anorexia nervosaYou really need to eat more.
chronic fatigueHey, wake up!
insomniaJust go to sleep.
addictionWhy don't you just quit?
panic attackYou really should calm down.
Generalized Anxiety DisorderStop being a worrywart.
dyslexia/dyscalculic/dysgraphicJust try harder!
dyspraxiaPay a bit more attention to what you're doing!
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderGet over it.[*]
phobias (in general)Quit being afraid and just go do it.
migrainesIt's all in your head.
multiple personalitiesLine up all your personalities, pick one, and stick with it.
Or: Quit showing off and pretending to be more than one person.

[*] Long version, "So you were molested/raped/abused/whatever when you were a kid. You're an adult now. Get over it."

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