Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


As was pointed out to me by someone on my flist:

If you have an account on Frienditto and you have provided your LJ username and password to the site, let me know.

You may wish to post this in your own journal if you think your friends may have created an account with the Frienditto site (to have them let you know that).

Comments are screened. And oh, if you're thinking of using that site, don't. Just... don't.

For starters, it's generally not a good idea to share your LiveJournal password with another user or site (though they say they won't store your password, and suggest in their FAQ that you change it immediately before and after submitting an entry). And secondly, and possibly more importantly, archiving someone else's protected entries in a potentially public forum is... somehow not nice. They're protected because the poster wants to restrict who can see them; AFAICT, Frienditto allows you to submit FO posts which it will then, potentially, display to the world, if you're not a paying Frienditto member and choose to keep it "private".

Specifically, I'd like to request that you not archive any of my protected entries there.

See also this public post by leora and this one by karen2205 (and the ensuing discussion -- and the extra links she's put in since I first wrote this entry); also this one by livredor, which explains a couple of ways to archive your own entries on your own computer.

Finally, see subbes' rebuttal and clearing up of misinformation; some of it involves some knee-jerk comments I made in this entry. I suppose my main point is now, please don't make my protected entries publicly accessible.

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