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And the winner is...

I just won an auction for an AC adaptor for the Pocket PC I got from my company in the "lottery" -- the part that was missing from the package. (There's also a data connection cable for the PC and a cable to hook up a cell phone, but I don't need those.)

Wow... I was on tenterhooks wondering whether I would win. I had bid yesterday evening and got a notice this morning saying I had been outbid... so I waited until a few minutes before the auction ended.

At 16:52, I placed my bid and it was the highest bid (the auction ended at 17:00:00). I waited a bit longer and at 16:59:01 I reloaded just to make sure I was still the highest... yup. 16:59:40... still. *phew* 17:00:04... I won! At €12.50; my maximum bid was €16.82 or something like that. I had a separate window open with a higher bid (€21.67) that I could fire off at the touch of a button... but it turned out not to be necessary.

So now I just have to wait for the seller to tell me his bank account details so that I can transfer the money to them. And then I won't have to worry about meeting the guy at Staples who hadn't shown up for the appointment where he wanted to give me his used adaptor. Perhaps I'll give them a call on Monday anyway but since the auction specified an authentic HP adaptor (for a different model Jornada, but the parts number matched the adaptor mine needs, so it's probably the same) it's probably better. *phew* I'm still wired from the adrenaline...
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