Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Sticking other people's business in my nose

I went to the ENT doctor this morning to get a new prescription for my prednisone nose spray since mine was getting low. I also wanted to talk to her because I think that it's not as effective as it was at first -- when I started taking it, after ten minutes my nose would feel completely free and open. Now, it's still open but it doesn't have this "wide open" feel to it any more, and I was worried whether the effect would continue to diminish.

She said she would change my medication and prescribed two sprays for me: one commercial and one mixed together by the pharmacist to a recipe she put down. These are "long-term" sprays -- which I initially thought meant I could keep taking them for a long time without the effect getting less, but she said to take one spray in the morning and one in the evening, so perhaps she meant the effects last for a long time. (My current spray lasts me for 3½ hours.) And when the self-formulated spray (which I'm supposed to take in the evening) wears off, I'm supposed to take just the morning spray.

I ordered the anti-allergen mattress covers last week (my health insurance finally approved them, though not at full price since they say cheaper ones are available and they only pay what those cost, after having sat on the application for about a mongh -- but then, I had sat on the application for about two before sending it off so who am I to complain) so we'll see whether that helps. The doctor also suggested I take advantage of the sub-zero temperatures we're currently "enjoying" and stick my mattress out on the balcony (our roofed-over "balcony" should probably also do) to kill off the mites. I'll have to spend a night in a sleeping bag, but I can survive that.

With the combination of a mite-free mattress (which usually lasts for about half a year, the doctor said, before becoming re-infested), the covers, and the new spray, we'll see whether I can get long-term relief from my blocked nose at night. At least until the first plants start blooming in spring....
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