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TPJ jumping the shark—again?

So, it looks as if The Perl Journal is moving from a monthly PDF e-zine to providing HTML content on the website that's updated weekly, and they're calling this "easier-to-access" and a result of "you talk, we listen".

I don't know, but I kind of mourned the demise of the print format Perl Journal… which later reappeared, though in a smaller form, as part of Sys Admin magazine before being discontinued even there and finally resurfacing as a monthly PDF journal.

Well, at least that was something I could download and read offline or print out or keep around, similar to the way I could with a "real" print journal. Something I could read in the bus on the way to work, for example.

There's a place for online editorials and book reviews, but for me, the Perl Journal was something different, and I'm a little sad to see it go.

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