Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

"Ask me anything" results

ladyortyger asks, What is the absolutemously best thing ever about being a dad?

I'd say the best thing ever is looking at your sleeping child and seeing how cute she is and just feeling a lot of love well up inside of you for her. To know that she belongs to you and is part of your family.

nik_w asks, Of all the many languages you speak, which would you say is your favourite, and why?

Hm, not sure.

For one thing, the only languages I claim to speak (as opposed to knowing some words or basic grammar) are English, German, French, and Greek, and possibly Japanese.

As for languages I'm interested in, that appears to be a bit of a fad for me: I get interested in a language, study it more or less intensely for a month or six, then lose interest as another language catches my eye. I never specifically turn my back on earlier languages, but merely have less time for them.

Maybe Niuean is the language I've found most nifty so far, though I can't necessarily say what about it appeals to me. I've been interested in Niue, the island, for quite a while, and interest in its language came with that.

it0376 asks, Um... Will you come after me if I tell you that lately I haven't translated at all because I have no time to? :S

No, I won't. I'm grateful for all the work you've already done so far; even if you were never to resume work, what you did was good and useful.

So if you have more time again in the future and decide to work on the translation some more, that would be appreciated; if you don't, though, I won't hunt you down and paddle your behind.

robnorth asks, How did you get introduced to TCoJCoLDS? (or KJCdHdLT?)

The short answer is: I was born!

Both of my parents were members of the Church when I was born (I was "born in the covenant"), so I grew up in the Church.

My mother was also a member from birth, though my father was a later convert. After his job transferred him to Germany, he met a friend who was a member and who eventually introduced him to the church, which he ended up joining. He met my mother at church and they later married.

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