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Meeting camomiletea

I met camomiletea tonight, in my dream.

I was in Jungfernstieg S-Bahn station and had to go away from my backpack for a bit; when I came back, there was a damp towel there with 'CAMOMILETEA' on it and someone had added something to a journal entry I had been writing in a notebook, in my handwriting.

I decided to see whether she was still there; I 'knew' that she must be taking the U2 train towards the north-west so I headed that way.

Even though we had never met before, I recognised her immediately, and she me. She was really short, about 150 cm (4'11"), and had short blonde hair.

I don't remember what we talked about, but I think at one point she complained that she knew people were giving her support reviews when she requested them but they never sent them to her, even though she had prepared the review requests with lots of commentary on the various support requests she had touched.

After talking a bit, I scritched her back a little and when she didn't seem to mind, ran my hand up and down her back, stroking it gently. This turned, after a bit, into my opening the coat she was wearing and she mine and I stood in front of her and hugged her; we had our arms under each other's coats so we could touch the sweater or whatever it was we were wearing. I think we also kissed a little.

Eventually, we both went to our separate homes.

Kind of strange.

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