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Philip Newton


Out of the blue, I got an email notification that "my mindmap was ready", so I thought, hey, let's have a look at it.

And it appears that it was not merely the one I had had done quite a while ago, but a newly-updated one: even someone I added just a couple of days ago was on there. (I'm not quite sure when I posted with the old mind-map; if anyone can find the post for me, that would be nice! I know it was some time ago.) Oops: found it, but I had linked to the image on the server rather than sticking it somewhere else, so the remarks don't apply to the picture that's now visible in that entry. Bummer. Edit: Found the old mindmap on my hard drive and uploaded it to Photobucket and replaced the image links on that entry, so the comments and imagemap links work again now.

Major groups on this mindmap are: blue/purple towards the top-right: support and ex-support people; blue/purple/pink towards the left: "London/Oxford people". karen2205 is, of course, in between those two groups since she belongs to both of them.

And that's really it; most of my other friends, it seems, don't cluster together in groups but only know a couple of my other friends. Which makes sense, I suppose. I'm a little amused that subtex_slave isn't anywhere near the eridanusus/bacskocky mini-cluster, though :)

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