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This evening, I met Melanie Krajewski at Harburg station. At least, I thought it was she, but she didn't seem to recognise me. But she bore a striking resemblance to Mela and I made a mental note to mention it to Stella when I got home.

At my bus stop, she got out as well and when she saw me, she recognised me. She asked whether I was going to Oliver and I said no, I'm going home. Then she realised she had got out one stop earlier than she had intended to.

I told her it wasn't so bad; any of (my stop, the previous one, the next one) could be used to get to Oliver. She asked me the way from this one and I said it was a bit complicated to explain but offered to accompany her there since it wasn't far. She accepted.

So I went with her most of the way there until she could see the house, then I went back home.

When I rang the doorbell, Stella wondered what I had been up to -- she had seen me at the traffic light and thought I'd be coming home, but then she didn't see me coming up the main road. So she looked on the path leading up the hill and saw me there with a girl.

"What the heck? Who's that girl? Is that the one he was talking about recently? No, she doesn't live here, does she... strange..." When I told her about meeting Mela, she said, "good for you that you have a plausible story" :)
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