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PySol installation woes

My old hard drive had PySol installed and I thought I'd try to download it.

Unfortunately, the author had a disk problem and lost, among other things, his Windows disk so there's no pre-packaged installer.

I downloaded the .tar.bz2 files (hey, it's Python -- should be portable) and tried anyway.

First off: no sound server as you have to compile that from scratch (and download a couple of libraries first for it to work). I do have DJGPP, but I have the feeling that might not be enough; I'd probably need a Win32 compiler.

Second: a shell script to start the thing. OK, I puzzle my way through the thing and find the place where it determines which pre-compiled Python script to run, depending on the interpreter version. I add the Python directory to my path and have a go.

Boom. No win32_gethomedir, which is called by one of the routines if == "nt" (apparently, this includes Win9x -- or maybe depends on the platform Python was compiled on rather than the one it's running on?). Bummer.

So scrap that idea. At least I didn't pay for downloading all those files; the cardsets were the biggest download at nearly 17MB compressed.
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