Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Root canal, part two

Went to the dentist's again this morning. This time to Trần Lệ Thanh, since Dr. Dobbertin was on holiday.

The procedure went fairly well, I thought. At the end, Dr. Trần said that she didn't expect I'd feel pain, so I didn't get a form excusing me from work for medical reasons as I did last time.

However, after half an hour or so at work, I decided this wasn't going to work out, since there was something painful when the anæsthetic started to wear off, though I wasn't quite sure whether it was the tooth specifically. It felt sometimes as if the general area of the jaw ached. At any rate, this wasn't helping my concentration (nor was having gone to bed a bit later last night after coming back from a company outing) so I decided to go home.

I debated going to the dentist since they were only open until 12 today, but decided I didn't feel like having my tooth drilled open again, and went home instead. Stella suggested I wait until the anæsthetic wore off and then see how I was feeling.

Now it seems to be fine, mostly—but only mostly, and I'm not sure what is up. There's a very slight dull ache, and sometimes when I cough, a brief stab of pain in the tooth. Kind of bizarre. Drinking water doesn't cause pain, though.

So I'll tentatively say I'm fine for today; if it flares up again later on, I'll have to go to the emergency dentist tomorrow.

In other news, I've installed Ubuntu on my old laptop. Took ages, but didn't seem to have any problems. Nor did installing it with English language but Germany as the country and German as the keyboard layout. Stella's playing Mahjongg on it right now :)

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