Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

(Feh, my browser crashed when I opened up my dial-up to the Internet after composing this entry. So here goes again, from scratch.)

Stella and Debby and I went to Bremen today for our roughly-semiannual visit to their grandmother. Stella remarked that she looked quite a bit better than she had half a year ago and said that maybe it's because she doesn't have to worry about her husband any more who was starting to get a bit senile (he died a couple of weeks ago).

In the afternoon, Patrick came along, Stella and Debby's cousin whom they had never met -- I suppose he was too young when their mother left Bremen with them. (They had met his two brothers: Gerry from visits to Oma and Sven from early childhood and also recently from a visit to Oma.)

Debby is trying to find work; she signed up with a temp agency and got told that she'd be placed the next time an opening came up.

We also talked, on the way back home, about Debby's missionary preparations and when she was going to go to the temple -- probably next January, during Neumünster stake temple week. She wants her mother to accompany her, but if she isn't able to (perhaps for health reasons), then she said Stella could do so.

Debby had her two lower wisdom teeth extracted this week (one on Monday and one yesterday on Friday); she recovered remarkably well. Her dentist said the two upper ones could probably stay in for the eighteen months.

I'm not sure what's missing but Debby said it was basically just dental work that has to be done before she can submit her papers. She said it looks as if she won't be able to leave for her mission before March. I hope things go well with her!
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