Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Quadratic equations usually have two roots...

So. Third sitting with the dentist, this time with Dr. Dobbertin again.

She put in a local anæsthetic again, which was probably good. She found that apparently, my tooth 25 is one of the few that have two roots, and only one of them had been treated so far—which might explain why my tooth had hurt after the last sitting, since there was still a nerve in there.

This time, she finished off the first root and also did the second one; I was surprised that it didn't take that long, compared to the first one, and she said that she hadn't had to open up the tooth again etc. and some groundwork was already done. Stella was surprised that she did the second root all in one sitting, since she said she thought the reason for multiple sittings was to use increasingly finer files; she also asked me whether the dentist had used multiple files on that root. (I hadn't been paying attention to that, though.)

The doctor also had another X-ray taken, since the last one hadn't turned out particularly well. That one, with two files stick inside the tooth, turned out pretty well, and showed that she had reached the end of the second root—and shot far beyond the end of the first. Oops. (She said she had been wondering why she wasn't meeting any resistance even though the root should have been finished already.)

Apparently, that's not a problem in and of itself, but it's good to know for when they make the guttapercha plugs next time since the plug need only cover the part inside the tooth, i.e. it should be shorter than the file. She said the bit inside the jawbone would heal shut by itself and I needn't worry about it. Let's hope.

Apparently, since she went into the bone, that part of the wound could hurt, even if all the nerves in the tooth itself should now be well and truly gone, so she prescribed some extra-strength ibuprofen for me. We shall see.

She said she had also wondered about the bleeding, but had attributed it to the gums, since some of the gum tissue had grown into the hole and she had had to remove it in the first sitting, and she couldn't tell the bleeding from the gum apart from the bleeding from the second root. Eh. Let's hope it's now all taken care of.

Next sitting is on 2 August, when they'll hopefully fill up the tooth and that ordeal will be over.

At least on that side, since the tooth opposite it (top right, rather than top left) also occasionally hurts... and while she says the filling looks all right, there might be decay beneath it and she suggested I get it replaced. She said she also saw a small hole in tooth 26 (first molar, next to the one she was treating) now that she could look between the teeth, so that should probably get looked at at some point. *sigh*

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