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Random memory: Don't talk to strangers

I remember being in a train on my way home from school; I was maybe 10 or so at the time.

A guy approached me and asked me whether I'd accompany him and he'd pay me in exchange for taking some pictures. I said no thanks. He continued and said, "Of course, I'm not talking about just any photographs; after all, that's what I'd pay you for." I still declined, and felt glad that I had done so the first time as well. Even though I didn't have any idea back then of the full impact of the request, it felt a bit weird to be asked for photographs by a stranger.

I don't remember whether I got out at the next stop or what; I think I just walked away to the other end of the carriage, and he didn't follow. I was glad when I did get out of the train, though.


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