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Amy's first birthday

It's Amy's first birthday today! (Okay, so super-technically it won't be until 11:36 tonight, but who cares about that.)

Stella's parents came over for dinner and stayed until five; my father and his wife, as well as my oldest sister and her two children came over around three-ish and so they were all there for afternoon cake. My family stayed until about half-past six.

Amy got quite a few presents (including one from Taya, who had moved in opposite just last weekend, though they'd known each other earlier, and one from the little boy she plays in the sand pit with). She also got to see her cousins again, though I'm not sure how much she actually realised that.

I was glad to hear Emily speaking some English! She's nearly three now and they're trying to raise her trilingually (English, German, and Spanish—my brother-in-law is from Peru).

And I need a new "Amy" icon :) I've kind of decided which picture I might crop, now I just need to get that done… sometime. One Of These Days™.

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