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We get signal

19" LCD screen from Aldi, with DVI connector. Hope it'll be OK.

Got there half an hour before the shop opened: there was only one person there, who was walking slowly across the parking lot. At first, I didn't know whether he was even waiting there.

A bit later on, people started to arrive and the two of us queued up in front of the door. By the time the door opened, the queue stretched to the end of the entry to the parking lot, which made me a little glad I had got there earlier. (And glad I had brought my PDA to pass the time reading news. Though I should have synchronised it that morning so I didn't have to read three-day-old stuff.)

The door opened, the two of us went in, and we both followed the same path to where we guessed the electronics would be :) He got a PC, and I my monitor, and we went over to the cash registers—I got there first because he had spent a bit of time looking at the case. Had a cute cashier :) and paid with my debit card.

I had brought cash along just in case as well; Aldi only started taking debit cards a short while ago and I wasn't sure whether they'd accept them in the shop closest to me. Also, authorising a debit card can take a while sometimes, and depending on the rush of people, I didn't want to hold up the line unnecessarily that way. But things went fine and the card went through very quickly.

So now I have an LCD monitor! Whee!

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