Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Today at church

Today at church, I gave a talk. The topic of the day was "repentance". I followed, for the most part, the second missionary discussion since that deals with atonement and repentance, among other things.

I also used an old Institute manual called "Doctrines of the Gospel" or something like that, which had some good quotes. One in particular I liked, which had to do with forgetting: that it is natural to remember past sins as long as the memory inspires one to continuing repentance.

After the talk, a couple of people complimented me or the talk, which was nice since I had felt rather nervous and didn't know what sort of impression I had made.

Viola wanted to know the source for the quote about forgetting (it was by Marion D. Hanks), and Sabine Scharsig wanted to know from what kind of manual I had got those quotes. She had hoped that the reason she didn't know about the manual was that it was a brothers-only thing :-).
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