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I asked Andreas Rötting today at work about going to YAPC::Europe, as well as going to a company-internal training course on Java Server Pages which looked interesting. (I also handed in my holiday plans, which he said should be okay.)

He wasn't too sure about YAPC because, he said, that's something that interests me but he didn't see that we, as a company, would be using Perl to any great extent; if we do use it, it's usually incidental. I tended to agree; I don't see us doing a project with 80% Perl in the near future, either, so I couldn't make a compelling case.

However, I also said that I had considered giving a presentation about how I had used Perl and threads in a project, and this, he said, sounded like a better case: that way, he can present my attending as a trial of how I like presenting and whether I feel I can do it. After all, that's also something that has to be learned. He also asked me to research briefly costs for travel and accommodation so that I'd have a ballpark figure which he could use to discuss the subject with management.

As for the internal training, he said that that would also probably be OK but he didn't know whether there were still places free (when I went to check, they had switched the dates and it was now in March, not May, so the course may already have filled up since it's now only four weeks to go). He said he'd check up on that and get back to me.
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