Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

I'm glad I'm not an emetophobe (more info here)—someone who will go to great lengths to avoid vomiting, instead possibly living with nausea for hours on end.

I mean, it's not as if I frequently go, "Ah! A short trip to the vomitorium would really hit the spot!" or actually look forward to throwing up, but when the contents of my stomach fancy a bit of fresh air, I usually head to the toilet to get it over with. So it feels to me like a slightly unpleasant task that has to get done, so you might as well go and do it. I'm also glad that I usually get a bit of advance warning when my mouth starts salivating.

Yesterday, I ate some rice and meat sauce that was a bit off and had to throw up on three separate occasions over the course of the afternoon and evening. Perhaps a bit like using the toilet for other uses: takes time out of the day but you feel a bit better afterwards.

This morning, I felt decent and merely not-hungry. I had two rusks around noon and towards the afternoon I started feeling actually hungry again. So yay.

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