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Meme: LJ interests meme

Since so many people on my friends list are doing it, I thought, why not.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. brainking:
    A game site where you can play board games such as Five in a Line (my favourite), Chess, Backgammon, etc. etc. Moved there from ItsYourTurn mostly because I liked the BKR (BrainKing rating) -- a bit like Chess ELO ratings that go up and down depending on whether you win or lose and whether your opponent has a higher or a lower BKR than you.
  2. conlang relay:
    Yay! Someone takes a text and translates it into their conlang, then passes it on to the next person, along with a glossary and some basic grammatical notes. Next person tries to make sense of the text and translates it into their conlang and passes it on again. Watch stories morph as people misunderstand things. Apparently, texts tend to turn into creation myths. I have no conlang of my own, but have participated with others' languages (especially Verdurian and Klingon) several times.
  3. fantasy:
    Fantasy! Lord of the Rings, that sort of thing. I like to read it occasionally to distract myself.
  4. japanese:
    I like languages in general. I got into Japanese probably because there were so many Japanese at my school, and because my mother suggested I take a course when it was offered at the local Volkshochschule. Took four years of Japanese until the class had shrunk from 20 students to four (IIRC).
  5. lojban:
    Another conlang. Got into it after following it in a conlang translation relay (vide supra). Is machine-parseable and has, it is claimed, an unambiguous grammar (no "time flies like a banana" where any of the first three words could be the main verb).
  6. opera browser:
    I rather like Opera; it's my main browser. I don't remember who introduced me to it. I actually bought Opera 6 and I think I also paid for an upgrade to 7. It's free now, in case you hadn't heard (or rather, they got rid of the ads in the free version).
  7. sci.lang:
    A Usenet newsgroup that I loved to read, back in the time when I had time for Usenet. People talking about all sorts of topics related to languages. The occasional flame war, especially if it was cross-posted. Peter D. Daniels.
  8. the jargon file:
    Some say it went down the drain after esr took over maintenance (and threw out a bunch of words, introduced some new ones, and discontinued the plain-text version, for example). I first came across it in version 2.9.8, which I printed out and read on the train, then version 2.9.11. Bought the T-shirt when I visited MIT campus. Also got two editions of 'The New Hackers' Dictionary'(?).
  9. usenet:
    I used to spend a lot of time on Usenet -- about the time I now spend on my LiveJournal friends page, perhaps. A wide assortment of topics. Or rather, newsgroups, since discussion often wandered away from the nominal topic. I wished even back then I had more time; I felt that one could really participate in perhaps one or two newsgroups where you'd feel at home, or only sample a bunch of newsgroups. (I chose the latter option.) News groups I read (or tried to keep up with at least by skimming the headlines) include (from memory) such groups as sci.lang,, comp.lang.perl.misc, de.etc.bahn.misc, and (back when it was still pizza drivers talking about their jobs).
  10. x-sampa:
    A way of representing the IPA in ASCII. Came across it on the CONLANG mailing list; before, I had been accustomed to Kirshenbaum ASCII IPA, which I came across in alt.usage.english and, later, sci.lang. I tend to use CXS (Conlang X-SAMPA) now, which is basically X-SAMPA but with some borrowings from Kirshenbaum ASCII IPA and some other changes (most notably using '&' rather than '{' for 'æ').

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

And a poll for you:

I pronounce "meme" as

"meem" (rhymes with "dream")
"mem" (rhymes with "stem")
"mee-mee", with equal stress on both syllables
"mee-mee", with one syllable stressed more
"maym" (rhymes with "game")
I don't actually pronounce this word
some other way which I'll explain in a comment
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