Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


My PDA appears not to be working any more. I am not pleased.

Last night, I wanted to synchronise some files, but since the battery was still mostly charged, I didn't want to charge it as well, so I disconnected the AC adapter by unplugging it from the power strip while leaving the other end connected to the cradle.

I put the PDA in the cradle and it didn't turn on automatically. I thought, fine, perhaps it only does that when it's being charged. But when I tried to turn it on by pressing the "on" button, nothing happened. I took it out of the cradle, pressed the power button again -- still nothing. Pressed the reset button -- no dice. Plugged the AC adaptor into the power strip again, put the PDA back into the cradle -- nada. At least the LED at the top turned orange which looked as if it was charging.

Maybe putting it into the cradle without an AC adaptor connected drained its battery? Sounds weird, but who knows. So I left it in overnight.

This morning, the LED was green, indicating that it was now fully charged, so I tried the button again: no reaction.

I wonder whether it's just the screen or whether the entire device kicked the bucket. But I didn't hear any sounds, either. *sigh*

I'm not sure whether I can afford a repair right now or even whether it would be cheaper than a new PDA; I doubt it's still covered by warranty. Maybe I'll just have to live without my new toy.
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