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Random memory

Back in the good old days when my machine was a Schneider CPC464 (sold under the "Amstrad" brand name in the UK), I once bought the game "Paranoia" on cassette tape.

Most of the tasks appeared to consist of finding enemy agents (identified by their coloured clearance level, e.g. purple) and shooting them.

Unfortunately, despite the name (CPC = Colour Personal Computer), the one I had bought second-hand had a monochrome (green) monitor—so I could never identify any purple or red or other agents. (Each colour mapped to a distinct shade of green, so the game was not completely impossible, only practically impossible.)

I think I ended up giving the game away to a friend, even though I had paid a fair bit of money for it. (On a visit to England, so I couldn't just bring the game back to the shop, either.)

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