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So... Stella would like to move out (mostly for reasons related to this entry (protected)).

Yesterday, we had a look at a place at the edge of Hamburg: the top storey of a house, where the landlords, and elderly couple, live in the bottom. Seemed relatively nice.

I'm not particularly enamoured at the concept of moving (the work, the upheaval, adjusting to a new place), but I suppose I'd survive. Stella, on the other hand, said she's actually looking forward to it, perhaps because she moved around a bit as a small child and thinks it's part of life.

A big dealbreaker for me would be lack of availability of ADSL (not so much for the high-speed internet but for the ability to pay not by the minute but by the megabyte, if we don't go the whole hog and get a flat-rate connection, which have been getting cheaper all the time); however, according to T-Com, our landlords' phone number can get ADSL, and so I assume the phone connection on the top floor could, too.

It's not got a bathtub, but Stella was considering asking the landlords (if we decided to move in… though she's already all over it) to take out the shower and the bidet (which we probably wouldn't use anyway) and put in a bathtub instead. They do seem to be very reasonable and accommodating people from the brief conversation we had.

So. Will have to see. Whether Stella finds something better. Or whether we move at all. But… we might be moving.

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