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Still can't reach a decision

Meh; this is annoying.

Woke up this morning and had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach at the thought of having to choose which place to move into.

Stella said that logically, she'd have thought that I'd be all over the Heimfeld place: not only is it bigger, but it's closer to work and has much better public transport connections, which she'd have thought would be very important to me. (And even though we can't get a definitive answer for whether ADSL is possible there—perhaps the tenant's phone connection is not through the ex-monopoly telecom company, so they have no data on the connection?—it should be.)

She said that while she was thinking of the Heimfeld place, imagining how she'd furnish the rooms, the rooms vanished before her eyes and she saw herself standing in Sinstorf instead. And that even though Sinstorf has little to recommend itself, she still feels as if that's the better place. After all, Heimfeld has a bathtub, the bathroom is big enough for two people to stand in and is painted a nicer colour, the kitchen is also bigger and less cramped, and, well, all the rooms are bigger and less cramped (the only big room in Sinstorf is the living room, where I nearly never spend time anyway), and we could keep all our furniture. There's the issue of the flooring (which Stella said she'd probably not buy off the current tenant, but put in carpetting herself) and the cupboards in the kitchen (which she said she'd probably not buy, either, but do without until we can put up some of our own a bit later).

The up-front costs are about the same but in Heimfeld, it all goes towards the security deposit (i.e. we'd get the money back later) while in Sinstorf, about two-thirds is the estate agent's take. And the rent including utilities and bills is a bit lower in Heimfeld (though we don't know whether it's likely to go up or not). And… it seems as if it's the better pick, so why aren't I all over it, and why can't Stella bring herself to like it enthusiastically? (On the other hand, I'm not so sure about Sinstorf, either, nor about how much my preference is influenced by that being the first place we looked at.)

So, all very bizarre. And frustrating.

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