Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

More rats

Looks like it won't be YAPC::Europe for me this year :(

Andreas said that he had talked with Peter and that he wasn't too enamoured of the idea of training me in something that doesn't look "useful" to the company -- after all, he said, we won't be doing projects purely in Perl in the foreseeable future; it's not something that the market demands. Java, on the other hand, is on demand, so my upcoming training in Java servlets is justified that way.

If I could come up with a customer who says "we want to do 'X' project and it should be done in Perl", the situation would be different, but as it stands, and especially given the financial situation of the company, they don't want to be sending me off there simply to network with people who have no say in whether projects get done at other companies and to learn things which are, generally, not immediately useful.

So I'll have to see whether I can wing it myself or whether I'll just have to scrap the whole idea. I don't see that right now, but maybe Claire Perney can set me up with someone in Paris where I could stay cheaply, and perhaps I can hitch a ride with other Germans going by car or something....
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